How To Find A Good Portable Shower Wheelchair

Being unable to move around freely because of a disability can be frustrating. It makes one be confined to one location and dependent on other people. It even becomes worse when you have to depend on others to visit the washroom. However, a portable shower chair can be a relief for you if you depend on other people to visit the shower.

It is a special wheelchair designed to help even the disabled to enjoy a shower without the assistance of another person. This means they can take a shower whenever they want to. However, you can only enjoy the benefits of a portable shower wheelchair if you choose the right one. Below are some tips to help you make an informed decision.

Safety Features

Safety is the most crucial element to consider in any mobility device for a disabled person. Choosing a device with top-notch safety elements ensures the person using them isn’t exposed to a risk that will compromise their situation further. Anti-skidding is among the essential safety features to check in a portable wheelchair for shower purposes. Since the wheelchair will be used in a wet condition, you should ensure it isn’t prone to sliding, which puts the person using it at risk. Therefore, ensure the chair have a robust anti-skidding capability.


The idea behind getting your disabled loved one is to give them the freedom to do things without your help. Therefore, ensure the wheelchair you choose for them is easy to control to reduce reliance on your assistance. The wheels should be well-designed to facilitate portability.

Design and Storage

Being portable means you have the freedom to carry the wheelchair wherever you need. Therefore, ensure the chair you choose is designed with portability in mind. An excellent choice should be foldable to enable easy storage and moving.


How much are you willing to spend on a wheelchair that your loved one can use to shower? Check on the various options in the market to compare which one fits your budget. One thing to note is that being highly-priced doesn’t necessarily mean the wheelchair is the best. Also, don’t go for the cheaply priced options because they are likely to have shortcomings. The best thing to do is compare the features of a wheelchair with the selling price and evaluate whether the price is worth what you are getting in return.

An excellent portable shower chair should have good safety features, easy to control, well designed for portable and storage, and fit within your budget. That is what you get at goesanywhere. We have got the best portable shower wheelchairs to enable your disabled loved one to enjoy a shower without your intervention.

About the Author: Annika Lewis