Finding the best spine surgeon for you

In the field of surgery spine MD the Artificial Disk Replacement Surgery or ADR is a kind of medical procedure in the spine that permanently removes the herniated spinal disc that has been injured or damaged due to an injury or deceased. It is located between every pair of the vertebrae, this is where the semi-flexible disc can be found that can be damaged or degenerate over the years, senior citizens who have low calcium in their bones, professional athletes that have suffered spine injuries, and accidents that can occur such as falling from high places, the impact could literally damage spine as well as the spinal disc due to the impact of falling.

Due to age most patients suffer from soreness and long-term pains in their spine, this is due to the degeneration of the herniated spinal disc which could generally affect the entire movement and sensation of the human body, other symptoms such as weakening of the arms and legs, numbness and tingling can literally mean of something is wrong the Spine. Generally, artificial disk replacement surgery or ADR is a delicate process of removing the damaged herniated spinal disc and replacing it with an artificial disk which is made from flexible titanium plates and another one is the ball and socket.

The overall function of the newly installed disc is to eliminate the stress and friction between the bones that could last for 70 years or a lifetime for most patients, to have a strong and healthy spine a person must learn how to properly take care of his/her spine to avoid any injuries in the future such as having enough rest and sleep in a comfortable position where the spine can also relax, daily exercise is the simplest and most effective way of taking care the spine, find shoes that are comfortable and that can support your spine by having it balanced and relieve of the stress, once in a while get a comfortable and relaxing massage to remove certain aches in the body especially in the spine, and practice good posture such as proper sitting positions.

If your a person who wants to live longer and healthier visit spine MD. It is best for he/she to be in great hands when going into a spinal surgery. In spine MD they can replace degenerating herniated disc in order to prevent certain spinal related illnesses that can occur in the future, the procedure is perfectly safe this can be seen as a lifetime investment that is worth every penny. The results will give the patient a lifetime of relief.

About the Author: Annika Lewis