How SMS Marketing Works In Different Industries

Text messaging is the preferred way to communicate for millions of people. Therefore, it has immense marketing power. It is also affordable and effective. Every day, both large and small businesses enroll in SMS marketing. They are all reaping benefits from it and you should too.

SMS marketing is compatible with a wide variety of industries. Read on to find out how different industries use SMS campaigns to their advantage.

Retail Stores

Probably, the retail industry it’s the first one we relate to SMS marketing. There are several ways in which retailers can attract customers. For example, a timely sent message can drive thousands of people already in the street to buy in the nearest store.

Additionally, SMS marketing has high response rates, making it an excellent choice when trying to increase customer engagement.

Human Resources

HR departments use text messaging to manage the stressful recruitment process. Recruiters can notify of interview dates or job alerts to few or many people, as easily as touching a button.


SMS campaigns have a positive impact on the education industry. Schools and universities use text messaging to communicate not just with students but also with their parents. The campaigns can be used for various purposes.

Educational institutions use text messaging to keep students up-to-date with their exams, assignments, or notify them of an event. Likewise, positive messages from colleges and universities can inspire students to enroll at their institution, or also, motivate them to keep studying.

Medicine and Healthcare

Health care campaigns via SMS have multiple uses. Mainly, it is used for customer support. It is cheaper and more effective than other alternatives.

The health care industry is sending text messages to remind people about an existing appointment, schedule a new one, or re-schedule an old one. In fact, this is said to have improved the number of patients attending their first appointment.

Likewise, health care campaigns are informing people about blood donation and the dangers of some medicines. Also, these campaigns have the purpose of reminding people about their medication and convey motivational messages.


Hotels and travel agencies use SMS marketing services to confirm bookings and notify about changes in the traveling schedule. As a result, these businesses experience improved customer engagement and offer better customer support.

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