What Is The Primary Difference Between Virtual And Augmented Reality

AR (augmented reality) technology has certainly made its mark on history, making work processes more streamlined, and gaming systems more interactive. So what exactly is AR? Augmented reality is computerized technology that replaces real-world imagery with digital images and other elements. The user’s actual world becomes a type of backdrop for these augmented images. VR (Virtual reality) takes the experience even further by inserting the user into a completely virtual environment–all fully computer-generated.

AR firms develop apps and software for gaming and personal entertainment, and some also create solutions to increase productivity in the workforce. Instead of using machines to replace humans in the workplace, AR can help humans and machines work together more seamlessly. For manufacturers, AR can greatly reduce production time and get a finished product to market faster.

AR has not only streamlined processes in the workplace but also in customer service. Clients have found that displaying a problem and solution via AR is much faster than troubleshooting with traditional methods. AR is no longer just for gaming and entertainment purposes. Many industries have found the technology helpful in their field, and also helps to keep employees intrigued and motivated to focus on work.

Is your organization looking to find an augmented reality firm? Consider these top-notch companies:


This firm has solidified itself as a top contender in the AR market. They provide one-of-a-kind solutions to allow clients to skyrocket to the top. Their unique formula has helped many businesses cater directly to their audience using the latest technology available.

The firm has an impressive portfolio of many successful AR/VR projects within a number of different industries. Their impressive team creates innovative solutions that merge the physical and digital realms; its clients have displayed their work at tradeshows, retail and brand events, NEXT/NOW provides a complete experience for product users, immersing them into a world of the future.


This software development organization offers both AR and VR solutions. Based in Los Angeles, the company’s roster of clients includes UrbanDaddy, Vimeo, CitySearch, and many more. Sileria’s team has created augmented and virtual reality solutions for events, trade shows, retail, and manufacturing.  Each project is custom-tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

FS Studios

This AR firm specializes in computer apps that are vision-enabled. The company offers customized firmware for its clientele as well as tech-savvy applications. FS Studios has specialized skills and experience in children’s toy technology, and have developed solutions alongside toy manufacturers.

In addition to considering companies on our list, you can always visit Silicon Valley to find an augmented reality firm. Join a Silicon Valley tour to interact with leaders in the industry, and test out new gadgets. Startup companies will also have representatives on-site during the tours to discuss the latest AR and VR technologies.
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Why You Should Switch From Your Regular Lipstick To Cruelty-Free Lipstick

It is a sad fact that animal testing for cosmetics is quite common. Here are some reasons why you should opt for cruelty-free cosmetics, like the ones from Dose of Colors instead. 

Thousands Of Safe Ingredients Already Exist

Over 7,000 cosmetic ingredients have been deemed safe, so there is really little to no need for companies to experiment on animals. Companies that do animal testing on a regular basis do it because they are trying to find better ingredients and formulations that they can profit from. However, newer ingredients and formulations that come from animal testing may not be healthy for humans, anyway. 

A Lot Of Cruelty-Free Brands Exist

So many cruelty-free brands exist that you really don’t have to buy brands that test on animals. Even if you can’t find any cruelty-free brands in your local store, you can just go online and search for cruelty-free brands like Dose of Colors. 

It Opens Your Mind

When you start thinking about which cosmetics are cruelty-free and which aren’t, you may become more attentive to other things that you should be attentive to. Such topics include animal rights, sustainability, and your own personal health. 

Testing Animals Is Cruel

You should use cruelty-free cosmetics because of the most obvious fact that testing animals are cruel, unusual and unnecessary. By buying cruelty-free, you are taking part in an effort to eliminate suffering in the world. 

Cats And Dogs Are Tested On

Some people may not think that animals such as mice are important. However, animals that people most commonly have as pets and would never harm—cats and dogs—are commonly tested on. That should convince many people to stop purchasing cosmetics tested on animals. 

Lab Animals Do Not Have A Lower Value

If you had a pet mouse, would you torture it and do weird things to it? You wouldn’t because a pet mouse is a living thing and it would be cruel to do so. Well, a laboratory mouse is just as important as a mouse that you keep as a pet. 

“Vote With Your Money”

Every time you choose to avoid giving your money to cosmetic companies that are cruel to animals, you are making a difference. It may not seem like it in the short term, though by giving your money to companies that are not cruel to animals you are helping to create demand for cruelty-free products. Over the long-run, as more people demand cruelty-free products, companies will be more likely to inch toward being cruelty-free.

There Are Affordable Cruelty-Free Brands

Not being able to afford cruelty-free lipstick is no excuse. Some of the most affordable brands that you can find in local drugstores are cruelty-free. 

You should choose to purchase cruelty-free lipstick because companies that test on animals do not really need to do so. It is cruel, unusual and unnecessary because animals are regularly subjected to torture while safe formulations already exist. Every person who chooses to purchase cruelty-free products makes a difference.
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