Finding the best spine surgeon for you

In the field of surgery spine MD the Artificial Disk Replacement Surgery or ADR is a kind of medical procedure in the spine that permanently removes the herniated spinal disc that has been injured or damaged due to an injury or deceased. It is located between every pair of the vertebrae, this is where the semi-flexible disc can be found that can be damaged or degenerate over the years, senior citizens who have low calcium in their bones, professional athletes that have suffered spine injuries, and accidents that can occur such as falling from high places, the impact could literally damage spine as well as the spinal disc due to the impact of falling.

Due to age most patients suffer from soreness and long-term pains in their spine, this is due to the degeneration of the herniated spinal disc which could generally affect the entire movement and sensation of the human body, other symptoms such as weakening of the arms and legs, numbness and tingling can literally mean of something is wrong the Spine. Generally, artificial disk replacement surgery or ADR is a delicate process of removing the damaged herniated spinal disc and replacing it with an artificial disk which is made from flexible titanium plates and another one is the ball and socket.

The overall function of the newly installed disc is to eliminate the stress and friction between the bones that could last for 70 years or a lifetime for most patients, to have a strong and healthy spine a person must learn how to properly take care of his/her spine to avoid any injuries in the future such as having enough rest and sleep in a comfortable position where the spine can also relax, daily exercise is the simplest and most effective way of taking care the spine, find shoes that are comfortable and that can support your spine by having it balanced and relieve of the stress, once in a while get a comfortable and relaxing massage to remove certain aches in the body especially in the spine, and practice good posture such as proper sitting positions.

If your a person who wants to live longer and healthier visit spine MD. It is best for he/she to be in great hands when going into a spinal surgery. In spine MD they can replace degenerating herniated disc in order to prevent certain spinal related illnesses that can occur in the future, the procedure is perfectly safe this can be seen as a lifetime investment that is worth every penny. The results will give the patient a lifetime of relief.… Read the rest

What Are the Benefits of NAD IV Therapy?

If you’re suffering from joint inflammation, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), low energy levels, slow metabolism or you want to boost your athletic endurance, you should consider an innovative and increasingly popular wellness solution in Los Angeles known as NAD IV therapy. So what is NAD regenerative therapy all about? NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, a coenzyme that is involved in mitochondrial energy synthesis and the protection against DNA damage and oxidative stress. That’s why NAD IV therapy is referred to as “the fountain of youth”.

If you live in LA and want to harness the power of this revolutionary regenerative therapy, make sure to find and see a trusted Los Angeles NAD IV specialist like Dr. Mark Ghalili at Regenerative Medicine LA. Dr. Ghalili is also a board-certified internal medicine doctor with years of experience in both internal and regenerative medicine. Keep in mind that a NAD IV treatment works to promote overall wellness and it does not call for any medical condition or symptom. For instance, if you’re looking to improve your athletic performance, lose the extra pounds, recover from addiction. or reduce visible signs of aging, you should take advantage of this therapy.

Other benefits of NAD IV therapy include reduced stress levels and improved mood, boosted metabolism, improved cognitive function and performance, and significantly increased energy levels. This unique regenerative therapy helps replenish your body’s NAD levels, which tend to diminish with age and stress. It’s especially beneficial for people with CFS, effectively helping to combat chronic fatigue as well as those suffering from pain and inflammation, as it facilitates healing at the cellular level. It’s worth noting that a loading dose of 2,000 NAD delivered intravenously is typically recommended to jumpstart your treatment, followed by booster doses on a regular basis to help maintain your NAD levels.

If you’re looking for a reputable and trusted Los Angeles NAD IV specialist, do not hesitate to contact Regenerative Medicine LA by calling 855-437-7836 or filling the contact form on its website regenerativemedicinela .com if you have any questions or want to book an appointment with Dr. Mark Ghalili, DO who will create a tailored NAD IV treatment plan to meet your specific wellness needs. If you’re not able to go to the facility located on Sunset Blvd, Ste 414, then you can take advantage of the VIP concierge services provided by the top-rated regenerative medicine facility and Dr. Ghalili will come to you. For house call visits ( if you live in LA) feel free to call 310-295-9403.… Read the rest

Tips on How to Find an Oral Health Care Provider

Oral health care is very important, especially if you have a family. Finding a good oral health care service provider to cater to your own individual oral health care needs and that of your loved ones is important. However, most people do not know where to start when it comes to this. Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Consider the basics

When choosing a dentist for your family, you need to start from scratch. Firstly, consider asking your doctor whether they could recommend a good dentist from their network of colleagues. The second easiest way of finding a dentist is through recommendations from friends as well as family or friends. If you cannot find one using these channels, you should then move to the internet and find one near you. If you reside in the US, Avenue Sourire could be the best place to start.

Is your oral health care provider registered?

The worst thing you could ever do to yourself and your family is to hire a dentist whose credentials are shaky. When hiring one, you should consider a clinic like Avenue Sourire, whose reputation goes beyond them. Oral and dental procedures usually have a lasting effect on the patient, and you do not want to put the safety and health of your loved ones in danger. This is why you should carefully check and confirm whether your potential dentist has the right qualifications and whether they have been certified to practice dentistry in your state.

Initial Consultation

Before hiring an oral health care service provider, it is important that yo schedule an initial meeting with them to check whether you are comfortable with their services as well as their clinic. Usually, children have a hard time going to the dentist and they need a friendly and comfortable environment. When choosing a clinic for your family, make sure to tag along with your children so that they have a feel of the new place before you settle for it.

When choosing an oral health care service provider, you are hiring their professional’s services for the long term. It is therefore crucial that you make the best choice and stick with them for a long time to come. With these tips, finding one should not be a big problem. Once you settle on them, you can rest easy and enjoy quality oral care for yourself and your entire family.… Read the rest

How SMS Marketing Works In Different Industries

Text messaging is the preferred way to communicate for millions of people. Therefore, it has immense marketing power. It is also affordable and effective. Every day, both large and small businesses enroll in SMS marketing. They are all reaping benefits from it and you should too.

SMS marketing is compatible with a wide variety of industries. Read on to find out how different industries use SMS campaigns to their advantage.

Retail Stores

Probably, the retail industry it’s the first one we relate to SMS marketing. There are several ways in which retailers can attract customers. For example, a timely sent message can drive thousands of people already in the street to buy in the nearest store.

Additionally, SMS marketing has high response rates, making it an excellent choice when trying to increase customer engagement.

Human Resources

HR departments use text messaging to manage the stressful recruitment process. Recruiters can notify of interview dates or job alerts to few or many people, as easily as touching a button.


SMS campaigns have a positive impact on the education industry. Schools and universities use text messaging to communicate not just with students but also with their parents. The campaigns can be used for various purposes.

Educational institutions use text messaging to keep students up-to-date with their exams, assignments, or notify them of an event. Likewise, positive messages from colleges and universities can inspire students to enroll at their institution, or also, motivate them to keep studying.

Medicine and Healthcare

Health care campaigns via SMS have multiple uses. Mainly, it is used for customer support. It is cheaper and more effective than other alternatives.

The health care industry is sending text messages to remind people about an existing appointment, schedule a new one, or re-schedule an old one. In fact, this is said to have improved the number of patients attending their first appointment.

Likewise, health care campaigns are informing people about blood donation and the dangers of some medicines. Also, these campaigns have the purpose of reminding people about their medication and convey motivational messages.


Hotels and travel agencies use SMS marketing services to confirm bookings and notify about changes in the traveling schedule. As a result, these businesses experience improved customer engagement and offer better customer support.

Textedly offers affordable SMS marketing services as well as wide support throughout the process. Multiple businesses have hired Textedly to double and triple their profits and customer engagement.

Get in touch with us so that your business enjoys all the benefits of SMS marketing starting today!… Read the rest

Why You Might Want to Get Cosmetic Surgery

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in the popularity of cosmetic surgery as men and women from all walks of life have opted for various procedures. With enormous types of facial plastic surgical procedures, people can now choose the type of surgery that is suited for them.

There are endless reasons why people opt for these procedures, and in most cases, it is for personal purposes. At times, medical reasons can prompt you to seek plastic surgery while other times, people do it for aesthetic reasons.

Some of the most typical facial procedures sought by women are facelifts, botox, breast reduction and enlargement.

Most of the facial procedures performed on men are buttock implants, nasal surgery, among others.

Let’s look at the reasons why men and women are adamant for these procedures to be performed by a certified facial cosmetic surgeon.

To Boost Self-Esteem

Many people are victims of low self-esteem due to one or two features they don’t like on their bodies. With no concern regarding your body shape, you’re less likely to suffer from low self-confidence. Surgery can help you to get rid of features that you dislike on your body, thereby restoring confidence with your body. It’s worthwhile noting that physical alteration does not necessarily boost self-esteem or confidence. If low self-esteem is the reason why you intend to undergo cosmetic surgery, it is vital to discuss such issues with a medical professional to establish the possible causes of your low self-confidence.

To Solve Certain Health Problems

Some illnesses and health risks are attributed to specific physical features. Through surgery, makes it possible to correct such features rendering the victims a healthier and better lifestyle. For instance, women are disgruntled by large breasts, and through surgery, they can get their breasts size reduced, giving them comfort. Large breasts are known to cause unwelcome strain on both the back and the shoulders, resulting in other problems. Breast size reduction and facelifts are cosmetic procedures that are meant to enhance physical appearance. These alterations can help people to regain their lost confidence and feel comfortable with their bodies and can help to rectify any feature they dislike on their bodies.


Reconstruction is one of the primary reasons why people opt for plastic surgery. This type of surgery is intended to restore certain features to their normal state. In most instances, this can be performed after an accident or another surgery. For example, an accident can cause dislocation of various body components, and these components can only to restored to their original state through surgery. Besides physical appearance, reconstructive surgery can be carried out on other parts of the body, such as joints to correct emerging healthcare concerns.

From the above, it is apparent that plastic surgery is performed for a vast number of reasons and the reasons depend on an individual. For more information, visit… Read the rest

How To Find A Good Portable Shower Wheelchair

Being unable to move around freely because of a disability can be frustrating. It makes one be confined to one location and dependent on other people. It even becomes worse when you have to depend on others to visit the washroom. However, a portable shower chair can be a relief for you if you depend on other people to visit the shower.

It is a special wheelchair designed to help even the disabled to enjoy a shower without the assistance of another person. This means they can take a shower whenever they want to. However, you can only enjoy the benefits of a portable shower wheelchair if you choose the right one. Below are some tips to help you make an informed decision.

Safety Features

Safety is the most crucial element to consider in any mobility device for a disabled person. Choosing a device with top-notch safety elements ensures the person using them isn’t exposed to a risk that will compromise their situation further. Anti-skidding is among the essential safety features to check in a portable wheelchair for shower purposes. Since the wheelchair will be used in a wet condition, you should ensure it isn’t prone to sliding, which puts the person using it at risk. Therefore, ensure the chair have a robust anti-skidding capability.


The idea behind getting your disabled loved one is to give them the freedom to do things without your help. Therefore, ensure the wheelchair you choose for them is easy to control to reduce reliance on your assistance. The wheels should be well-designed to facilitate portability.

Design and Storage

Being portable means you have the freedom to carry the wheelchair wherever you need. Therefore, ensure the chair you choose is designed with portability in mind. An excellent choice should be foldable to enable easy storage and moving.


How much are you willing to spend on a wheelchair that your loved one can use to shower? Check on the various options in the market to compare which one fits your budget. One thing to note is that being highly-priced doesn’t necessarily mean the wheelchair is the best. Also, don’t go for the cheaply priced options because they are likely to have shortcomings. The best thing to do is compare the features of a wheelchair with the selling price and evaluate whether the price is worth what you are getting in return.

An excellent portable shower chair should have good safety features, easy to control, well designed for portable and storage, and fit within your budget. That is what you get at goesanywhere. We have got the best portable shower wheelchairs to enable your disabled loved one to enjoy a shower without your intervention.… Read the rest

What To Know Before Getting Plastic Surgery

Even the most beautiful men and women have parts of their physical appearance that can be improved upon. Whether it’s a little bit of liposuction, larger breasts, or a facelift, these advancements in cosmetic surgery can be quite tempting. It’s as easy as going in and walking out a new person, right? Well, not quite. Here are 5 things to know before getting plastic surgery.

1. It can be potentially dangerous

Any time you go under the knife, you put yourself in a certain low level of risk. There are a number of things that can happen, including PSC or even death. Talk to your doctor about the risks of your particular surgery. You should also ask how to identify PSC and other problems after the surgery. If you recognize them in time, you can avoid disastrous results.

2. You will be in pain

Many people wake up from surgery shocked by the severity of the pain. While you will be given pain killers to manage the pain, it can still be quite intense. You will also be out of commission for some time. Be prepared not to do too much work or activity after surgery.

3. It is expensive

Insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic surgery. This means you will have to pay for it out of pocket. This will result in a cost of thousands of dollars. Luckily, many offices allow people to pay for their procedure in monthly payments. Talk to your surgeon to see what they can offer you.

Some people are tempted to go overseas to get discount surgery. This is an awful idea. Many of the discount surgeons don’t have the proper credentials. You may be able to see their lack of skill in the results of the surgery. Some people come back home disfigured. Others don’t make it back home. Stick to qualified surgeons with the proper credentials for the best results.

4. It can make you feel a lot better about yourself

People go into surgery for one main reason- to feel better about themselves. In many cases, it works. If you like the results, you will feel more confident. This added confidence can make a big difference in your life.

5. You need to have realistic expectations

While you may feel better about yourself after the surgery, you can’t expect to look completely different. Surgery can only do so much. It will not make you look like a supermodel. Most people who don’t like the results of their surgery simply had too high of expectations. Talk to your surgeon about what you can realistically expect from your surgery. In some cases, the results just aren’t worth going under the knife.

Everyone is beautiful. However, we can all be a little more beautiful. Plastic surgery is a great way to improve your appearance and your self-esteem. However, you need to be aware of the realities of cosmetic surgery. Talk to your surgeon to learn more.
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Leading Dentiste Montréal for All Dental Care Needs

If you need dental implants to fit for missing teeth, or if you would like to have veneers placed, to help improve the appearance of your smile, you want to know you are visiting the best local dentiste montréal for general care needs. Not only should the dental clinic be equipped with the right equipment and technologies for care, but also the best dental team, with experience in the different kinds of treatment you will require as a new patient in their offices. 

Why choose a specialist

At a general dentistry practice, you can find great dental care practitioners. But, they do general dental work. This includes cleanings, root canals, whitening, and fillings for cavities. But, when it comes to specialized care, you want to choose a dentiste montréal office, that specializes in that specific area of dental work. 

For example, if an office does dental implant work, they will have

  • The proper equipment for fitting teeth and making the correct size implants in office
  • The right technology to show patients how the teeth will fit and align with their natural teeth
  • Dental tools to fit the implants safely in office
  • The right staff in place, to assist with the implant surgery, and assist in case something goes wrong

You know you are in the best hands. And, if something does not go to plan, they are going to know what steps to take, to ensure you are safe during the procedure. And, also to ensure the work is going to look spectacular when they are done. 

It’s not just implant work. The same goes with veneers, cosmetic dental work, surgery, invisalign, or orthodontic care. Visiting a specialist is the best, and only way, to ensure the work’s done properly, and to ensure you are going to be pleased with the outcome once your new implants are fitted, or your invisalign treatment has been completed. 

Of course, there are several offices you can visit when it comes to having general work, surgery, cosmetic work, or other specialized dental treatment completed as a patient. But, it is well worth the time and effort to look for a specialist, when you’re having speciality or cosmetic work done. Visit our site today to learn more about our practice, or come into our dentiste montréal office, so we can discuss a treatment plan, and the proper approach to completing the dental work you would like to have done as a patient in our practice. … Read the rest

3 Top Tips For Picking The Perfect Wedding Venue

Picking a wedding venue is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions an engaged couple will have to make. If you’re not sure of which venue to pick for your big day, worry no more as we’ve listed some top tips to help you an informed decision.

The venue you select will help you determine the number of guests you can invite, your wedding location, and of course, the theme of your wedding too. However, finding the right venue isn’t as easy it may seem. In fact, there may be hundreds of venues in your area, but finding one that suits your needs and connects to you can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect venue for your wedding.

1. Have a Guest List

Before you go looking for venues, sit down with your partner and your loved ones ,and come up with a guest list. Knowing the number of guests you will be expecting at your ceremony will help save you from heartaches and headaches down the road. If you pick a venue that’s too small for your guest list and they turn up all of them, then you’ll be in a tough situation. You may underestimate how many people you’ll invite, so think about it as early as possible to know what number you’ll be working with. This will actually help you scale up or scale down your budget, as it will be dependent on the number of guests you’re inviting.

2. Don’t Forget Your Budget

Your budget for your wedding venue will be more than just the amount of rent you’ll pay for the space. You should remember if you pick a venue like a hotel, which has in-house catering, you will be charged a price-per-plate. Other things that will drive the cost up include the floral design and décor.

So, ask the venue manager how much their design and in-house catering will cost and add that to the rent for the space. If this surpasses your budget, then you may want to find more affordable spaces.

3. Choose a Location

Whether you’re planning to get married in a church and having the reception in a separate venue, or you want to hold both the ceremony and evening party in same place, you will need to choose a suitable location. About the location, many couples pick a place that’s close to where they currently reside, a vacation spot, or the groom’s or bride’s hometown.

Also, when it comes to location, you should consider the accessibility of the venue and how long it takes to reach the venue to avoid inconveniencing your guests.

Looking for the a nice wedding venue in LA? Try LA Banquets today to find many amazing venues to choose from for your big day.… Read the rest

How To Find The Best Cremation Service That Fits All Your Needs

Many people prefer being cremated as opposed to being buried. If this is the final wish that a loved one has, you will want to acknowledge and follow through with it. Therefore, choosing the top cremation services San Bernardino to cremate your loved one, and ensure the services are done respectfully, is something that families want to do after a loved one has passed away. 

The Process – 

The cremation process is one which requires the right facilities. The process requires a furnace that maintains the highest levels of heat, to ensure the body is properly cremated after a person is deceased. Although this is something most families don’t like to discuss, if you are considering this, or if a loved one has stated this is what their final wishes are, you’ll want to respect their choice. Therefore, you’ll have to choose a cremation facility that has the proper furnace and equipment, to ensure the cremation is done properly. 

Respecting Your Family’s Wishes – 

Another factor you’ll want to consider when choosing where to have cremation services San Bernardino performed, is choosing a company that is going to respect your request and those of your family members who prefer being cremated as opposed to being buried. Whether there is a specific location you want to spread the ashes, the type of urn you want to choose to place the ashes in, or a time of day/year you want the cremation to occur, you will have to choose a company that will abide by your wishes. Not only to ensure the process is done as it should be, but also so you can respect the wishes of your family member who wanted their body to be cremated in that manner. 

There are many facilities and companies that you can choose to have a body cremated, or a pet’s body cremated, after they have passed away. However, not all companies are going to abide by your wishes, or are going to follow the instructions you provide, when you choose to go with them for these services. 

If you are ready to discuss your final wishes, or those of a family member who wants to be cremated, you have to know where to turn for these services. Mark B Shaw Mortuary will not only provide the services you request as a customer, but will work to ensure the cremation services San Bernardino are done tastefully, and as your family desires.

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